New treats at Goodies n' Sweets!

This weekend, Goodies n' Sweets will be unveiling its new menu featuring new appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, and pasta dishes! I was one of the fortunate ones to have been given a preview of what's coming...

Artichoke and Spinach Dip and Cheese Sampler at Goodies n' SweetsChef Aileen Anastacio of Goodies n' Sweets started us off with Artichoke and Spinach Dip served with Crostini (P160, pictured above left). I loved cheesy flavor and chewy texture. It went perfectly with the crunchy crostini. In fact, I liked it so much I ended up spreading it on the breads that were served with the Cheese Sampler (pictured above right). I didn't see the Cheese Sampler in the menu but the dish consisted of Goodies n' Sweets' very own freshly baked Focaccia Bread served with Marinated Feta and Herb Cheese Dips.

Cheese Quesadilla and Grilled Chorizo and Cheese Sandwich at Goodies n' SweetsNext up were the quesadillas and sandwiches. There are two kinds of quesadillas -- Cheese Quesadilla (P110, pictured above left) and Chicken Quesadilla (P160). Quesadillas are served with nacho chips and a small bowl of tomato salsa. A little on the spicy side, the Chicken Quesadilla's filling consisted mainly of tomatoes and chicken bits but is creamy at the same time. For the sandwiches, we were served the Cheddar, Bacon, and Tomato (P180) and Grilled Chorizo and Cheese (P195, pictured above right). The sandwiches are served with potato salad on the side. When ordering Cheddar, Bacon, and Tomato, you will have to specify to your server if you want the bacon crunchy. Both sandwiches are very flavorful and filling, but the Grilled Chorizo and Cheese was the hands down group favorite.

Chorizo & Garlic Pasta and Chicken & Mushroom Pasta at Goodies n' SweetsJust when I thought we couldn't eat anymore, the four new pastas were served: Pasta Mozarella (P230), Chorizo & Garlic Pasta (P245, pictured above left), Chicken & Mushroom Pasta (P195, pictured above right), Pesto Pasta (P195). The group favorites were the Chicken & Mushroom Pasta and the Pesto Pasta. I liked Chorizo & Garlic Pasta, which is also Chef Aileen's personal favorite, but everyone agreed it was a tad too salty at the time of the food-tasting. Chef Aileen promised to tone it down a bit so it should be perfect by this weekend. Kids will surely love the cream-based Chicken & Mushroom Pasta. It's not too rich that it'll make you feel umay, but personally I prefer something more savory so my vote still goes to Chorizo & Garlic Pasta.

Although there aren't any new desserts being introduced, Chef Aileen let us sample her bestsellers at Goodies n' Sweets. Ube Cake (P120 for an individual serving) was the most unforgettable dessert that was served, albeit ironically it was the one I failed to take a good photo of since everyone was too excited to dig in. It had the lightest ube chiffon, the creamiest ube icing, and it was really just the most heavenly ube cake I've ever tasted. I never thought light, creamy, and rich could all exist in one cake but here it is! I swear I'll have my mom and all my other balikbayan relatives have some of Goodies n' Sweets' Ube Cake the next time they come here.

Decadence Cake and Chocnut Ice Cream at Goodies n' SweetsI also loved Decadence (P130, pictured above left). It was rich, moist, and very chocolatey but it wasn't too sweet. It was just perfect. I was surprised to find out that Goodies n' Sweets also makes their own ice cream. They have two exclusive homemade flavors -- Chocnut (pictured above right) and Oreo. A scoop costs P60.

Mochamisu and Banoffee at Goodies n' SweetsMochamisu (P165, pictured above left) and the all-time customer favorite Banoffee (P140, pictured above right) capped off our yummy afternoon at Goodies n' Sweets. Mochamisu is like a reverse tiramisu, using chocolate spongecake layers drenched in Bailey's Irish Cream filled with mocha marscapone cream. Banoffee is the classic chocolate, toffee, and banana-filled pie. If I could eat anything and not gain a pound I really would have had more of the desserts...

Thanks to Chef Aileen for a lovely afternoon at Goodies n' Sweets. :)

Thinking of holiday gifts? Chef Aileen can customize delicious treats for your friends and loved ones based on your specifications and budget. For inquiries, you can contact the store:

Goodies n' Sweets
108 Carpark Building, Greenhills Shopping Center,
San Juan City, Metro Manila
722-8740 and 722-1607

Watch out for Chef Aileen Anastacio's new show "My Favorite Recipes" on QTV this coming Monday, August 13. The show will air 3x a day, with a different recipe for each timeslot!

Weekdays - 10:30-10:40am, 11:50am-12pm, 6:10-6:20pm
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