The Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave comes to the Philippines!

I'm really a very simple, low-maintenance kind of person. My skincare and beauty regimen is majorly comprised of cleansing, since I pretty much just wash my face every morning and slather on sunblock. I don't wear make-up everyday since it doesn't really go well with my day job, which is being part of my hubby's construction supply business.

Thus, when Neutrogena announced that they're introducing the new wave in facial cleansing, I couldn't be more excited!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave is unveiled in the Philippines!The Neutrogena Wave is a small, water-resistant gadget where you attach disposable foaming pads. Basically, you attach a pad to the Wave, hold it under running water, and then turn it on with a press of the button. Gently massage the Neutrogena Wave all over your face and voila -- you get the one of deepest and most thorough cleansing experiences possible in the comfort of your own home!

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser Starter KitI was so excited about the product that I decided to try it out the moment I got home. The Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave starter kit comes with the unit, a Duracell AA battery, and a set of 14 disposable cleansing pads. It retails for P575, which is at par with the US price of about US$12. Refills come in the form of thirty-day packs which sell for P400, so it's basically a little more than P13 per wash.

Using the Neutrogena Deep Clean WaveIt was so hot earlier this afternoon that when I got home, my face really felt all oily and sticky. It was the perfect time to give Neutrogena Wave a go. I just couldn't wait to scrub my face clean! I attached a disposable pad to the unit, ran some water over it and started scrubbing. There was this surprisingly tingly feeling as I massaged the Neutrogena Wave all over my face in circular motions. Some of the suds even went to my eye but like Johnson's Baby Shampoo, no more tears! It didn't sting at all.

I rinsed off the suds with water afterwards and pat my face dry with a towel. I felt incredibly refreshed, and the little bumps at the sides of my nose disappeared like magic. When I ran my fingers over them, there was just smooth skin.

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave is a great product to have around as an alternative to going to the spa or dermatologist for a facial. As a working mom, I don't always have the luxury of time to go off for professional treatments. The good news is, Neutrogena Wave works just as well for men!

The 30-second video below featuring Neutrogena Wave endorser Vanessa Hudgens demonstrates it best:

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave is available exclusively at Watson's and SM Department Stores.

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