Hannah Montana The Movie (Movie Review)

Hannah Montana the Movie poster My 4-year old daughter is a really die-hard Hannah Montana fan. When we watched Hannah's Best of Both Worlds 3D Concert at D-Cinema in SM North Edsa last year, she sat transfixed the whole time -- eyes wide and unmoving. It was pretty much the same when we watched Hannah Montana The Movie at the Power Plant Cinema.

Hannah Montana The Movie follows the life and times of Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), a teenager leading a double life being the girl-next-door Miley one moment and singing sensation Hannah Montana the next. Some have said that this is going to be the final conclusion of the TV series, but it really doesn't seem so.

In the film, Hannah becomes overwhelmed with her superstar status and starts fussing about petty things, much to the dismay of her father and manager Robbie Ray Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus). To keep his daughter from losing sight of the more important things in life, Robbie Ray drags her off to their hometown in Tenessee, a farming community which is a far cry from the city life that Miley/Hannah has gotten accustomed to.

The plot is fairly simple. Miley/Hannah is ultimately put in a position where she has to choose who she's going to be. Is it really possible to keep on living a double life forever? Even I couldn't guess how the movie was going to end.

Hannah Montana The Movie is straightforward, entertaining, and a real treat for the family. Don't expect any life-changing moments though. This is the type of film that you take at face value. I felt it was able to illustrate the main dilemma of Miley's life and character effectively. There are also several catchy new songs that Hannah fans will surely love. I especially liked "The Climb", a song that Miley Cyrus herself wrote for the film. The ending was on the unrealistic side but hey... this is a Disney movie after all. Even my hubby thought it was pretty good, and that's saying a lot.

Life's a climb, but the view is great. -- Trevor, from Hannah Montana The Movie

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