How to become a studio contestant on ABS-CBN's Pinoy Bingo Night

Kris Aquino on ABS-CBN's Pinoy Bingo NightABS-CBN makes another breakthrough in the Pinoy gameshow scene with the introduction of Pinoy Bingo Night. Hosted by Kris Aquino, PBN takes another thing Filipinos love, which is Bingo, and turns it into a hit TV gameshow.

Let's face it, at some point in your life I'm pretty sure you've wondered what it's like to be a studio contestant in one of these game shows. I have a friend, whose identity I will conceal under the name Anna, who's taping for Pinoy Bingo Night this afternoon as one of the studio contestants. So how did she do it? Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of what she did and what took place.

  1. Register - There are two ways of doing this. You can text PBN last name, first name/age/gender/address and send to 2366 or register online by clicking HERE. I don't know how effective the online registration is, but Anna used the text method to register.

  2. Electronic Raffle - From all the registered people, ABS-CBN will pick a few thousand names via electronic raffle. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will receive a text for a screening schedule at ABS-CBN like Anna did. Do not delete this text message as you will need to show it to the production staff during screening.

  3. Screening - Anna was informed via text that her screening schedule was for 9am. She came in at her appointed time. Lo and behold, there was a multitude of people waiting for their turn already as a lot of them queued up earlier on. Anna was #400 when she got there. Given this, it is best that you go to the studio earlier than scheduled. Wearing comfortable clothes and come with a full stomach. You can't bring in food and drinks inside the premises. Bring at least one valid ID -- meaning an ID that is NOT expired. ABS-CBN is very strict with regards to ID validity. You'll be needing a whole lot of patience, perseverance, and determination.

  4. Waiver - Before anything else, you will be asked to sign a waiver that certifies that you've come of your own free will and that ABS-CBN will not be liable if anything happens to you.

  5. Auditions - After you fill out the necessary forms and get your number, you will be grouped with other potential studio contestants. Groups of ten (10) people each will be called in front and asked to do things like shout "Bingo!", jump, chant, whatever. The most important thing to remember while doing these things is to look happy, lively, and full of energy. Yes, you're hot, hungry, thirsty, and you've probably waited hours to get to this point. Forget all that and focus on being happy and energetic for the next several minutes of your audition.

  6. Results - You will be informed right then and there if you made it as a studio contestant. You will also be given the taping schedule and location. Those who don't make it are advised to text again if they want another chance.
So there you have it, an inside look on how to get into Pinoy Bingo Night from the firsthand experience of someone who made it. I hope it helps. Good luck!

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