Guess what's arriving at Starbucks in 7 days?

Starbucks' new Coffee Jelly concoctionsGuess what's arriving at Starbucks in 7 days? Well technically since I am posting this after midnight it's 6 days and counting.

In less than a week, Starbucks will once again tittilate coffee lovers with their new Coffee Jelly line of beverages. Aside from the current Starbucks Coffee Jelly they're offering now, three new concoctions will be available starting July 2, 2009 -- Caramel Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (my personal favorite!), and Iced Vanilla Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Caffé Latte.

I'm not a big fan of fraps in general because I find them too sweet, but Starbucks' Dark Roast line is just right. I loved the Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Frappucino. It's not too sweet with rich dark chocolate undertones.

Starbucks is also offering the medium-bodied and rather nutty Tanzania coffee from Africa for a limited time.

Starbucks' new savory and sweet food offeringsOf course, the line-up wouldn't be complete without new food offerings to pair the drinks with. Savory treats include the Spanish Sausage and Egg Wrap, Farmhouse Quiche, Zucchini Carrot Honey Raisin Loaf, and Parmesan Chicken on Turkish Pide Bread. For the sweet side, there's Chocolate Marshmallow Cake and Very Berry Cheesecake. I especially loved the tasty Parmesan Chicken sandwich and Farmhouse Quiche which was loaded with veggies. The Very Berry Cheesecake is exceptionally cheesy and creamy, and is definitely one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had the pleasure of digging in to. While the Chocolate Marshmallow Cake resembles Chocolate Kiss Cafe's Devil Food Cake, that is where the similarity ends. I've always found Devil Food Cake to be overrated because it's on the dry side with a very generic-tasting marshmallow frosting. Chocolate Marshmallow Cake is incredibly rich and moist.

Starbucks Twist TumblersIf you liked Starbucks' Clean and Green Tumblers, you'll love the new Starbucks Twist Tumblers. With two cute and funky designs to choose from, the 8 oz. Twist Tumblers retail for P595 each. You can twist and interchange the layers to get the look you want.

Are you a loyal Starbucks patron? From June 29 to July 1, 2009, all Starbucks branches will be awarding special pre-launch Guess Who? cards to their fifty (50) most loyal patrons. The card will give a free upsize for any of the new beverages from July 2-15, 2009. Starbucks will be giving out a total of 50 cards per branch.

Here's a little Starbucks factoid: Did you know that Starbucks has an ongoing promo where each branch randomly generates a special survey code in your receipt for an online survey? Answer the online survey using the code and get a FREE drink of your choice! At least 30 customers per branch per month (that's an average of one customer a day) will get this survey code in his/her receipt so better check those slips before you discard them! I know because I got the code in my receipt from Starbucks Robinsons Galleria. :D

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