Free pizza, anyone?

We love pizza. My hubby and I would usually have one delivered during nights when we're just watching TV. Our kids are especially thrilled whenever we do so. Since we order pizza at least twice a month, we decided to avail of Shakey's Pizzanatic Card and Pizza Hut's Palm Card. These cards give you a free pizza every time you have one delivered, so you get two pizzas instead of one. Anyways, we had the Pizzanatic Card for the first half of the year, and the Palm Card for the last half since each card's validity is only for 6 months. So which is the better card? Let's have a look at each one.

Shakey's Pizzanatic CardShakey's Pizzanatic Card
Price: P199
Delivery Hotline: 77777

  • For every order of a large or family size pizza and a 1.5 liter bottle of Coke, you get a free Pepperoni or Hawaiian pizza of the same size and same crust type as the one you ordered.
  • We usually order a large thin crust Manager's Choice pizza and a 1.5L bottle of Coke, pay only P380+ and then get another large thin crust Hawaiian pizza.
Pizza Hut Palm CardPizza Hut Palm Card
Price: P349
Delivery Hotline: 911-1111
  • For every order of any regular or family size pizza, you get a free pizza of the month of the same size.
  • There isn't really an ever-changing pizza of the month, every month the free pizza is a choice between Hawaiian, Veggie Lovers, Beef and Onion, or Bacon and Pepperoni pizza.
  • We usually order a family size Supreme pizza for P385 and then a 1.5 liter bottle of regular Pepsi for P60+. We pay close to P450 every order.
Which is better? Both have their own good points.

Pizza Hut is hands down the FASTEST when it comes to delivery time, faster than Shakey's, Yellow Cab, Brooklyn Pizza, and Greenwich. We have never waited for more than 30 minutes for Pizza Hut, and I can't say the same for all the other pizza delivery services. Pizza Hut pizzas are also very filling, so we usually get to keep the free pizza and eat it the next day.

Shakey's Pizzanatic card and pizzas are cheaper than Pizza Hut's. Shakey's also has their famous mojos, which my kids absolutely love. Shakey's thin crust pizzas are quite light though and we usually finish everything in one night.

Whichever card you decide to take, if you have a pizza delivered at least once a month, you will definitely recover the cost of the Pizzanatic or Palm card in six months time and get several free pizzas in the process. Just about the only disadvantage is not ordering any other pizza for half a year in an effort to maximize your card's benefits.

So which one will it be?

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