Everything P85 at Saizen Robinsons Galleria!

All items P85 at SaizenI exaggerate not when I say that whenever I go to Japan, I make it my mission to find two shops in whichever city I visit:

  1. Daiso 100-yen store
  2. Don Quijote Discount Superstore
For the purposes of this post, I will talk about shop #1, which is Daiso 100-yen store. Daiso 100-yen store is exactly what its name connotes -- every item being sold costs only 100 yen, which is equivalent to about P50 with the present forex rate. I could get everything from Hello Kitty items to toys, origami kits, food, drinks, school and office supplies, and a whole lot more for only P50 per item. Sometimes they'd even have 2 for 100 yen (P50) deals.

The good news is, Daiso 100-yen store has finally made it to Philippine shores. Daiso opened its first ever Philippine branch in Robinsons Galleria last April, but it is called Saizen here in our country and not Daiso. It's the Saizen P85 Store.

Puzzle toys and hair ornaments at Saizen Robinsons GalleriaI was surprised to find a lot of the same items in stock at Saizen in Robinsons Galleria as the Daiso 100-yen shop I visited in Osaka last April. There really was so much interesting stuff that I had a hard time trying to decide which ten items would be my first batch of fab finds. Being a mom, I naturally found myself gravitating towards things I could get for my kids!

Kids experiment kit at Saizen Robinsons Galleria
Origami sets at Saizen Robinsons GalleriaThere were so many fun things I could get my kids -- IQ puzzles, science kits, handicraft projects, magic tricks, origami, traditional Japanese toys... it was hard picking out what to take home to them as pasalubong.

Stainless steel smell remover and insect repellent at Saizen Robinsons GalleriaJust like in Daiso in Japan, Saizen had racks and racks of interesting, unique, and functional items. The two items pictured above, a stainless steel smell remover and an insect repellent for rice (bigas) caught my eye. If say, your hands smell like garlic, all you have to do is rub the steel orb on your hands under running water and the smell will be gone. For the insect repellent, all you have to do is stick it on the cover of your rice dispenser and pests won't infest your rice supply.

Saizen is such an all-purpose store that you can get everything from kitchen knives to butterfly nets to scrapbooking items to pet accessories. Did I mention they also have beauty and fashion items? If I were to enumerate everything that's available, I'd probably never finish.

What I missed at Saizen were the Japanese food and beverage items I'd usually pick up at Daiso. I asked Saizen General Manager Mr. Bobby Go and Overseas Store Chief Leader Mr. Ryuta Kamei if Saizen will also have these in stock. They said that they are still working on the necessary permits from BFAD and other government agencies. I also asked Kamei-san if they'll eventually offer character items in the future, since Daiso usually has Sanrio, Disney, and Pokemon stuff for sale. Sadly this is a rather vague possibility due to licensing issues. But hey, at least I can look forward to my favorite Japanese food items being available in the future!

My ten fab finds at Saizen Robinsons Galleria!At last I settled for my ten fab finds on my first visit to Saizen:
  1. Kitchen knife with holes (Thanks to Sire for helping me with this, I'm so clueless when it comes to the kitchen but our cook is really raving about this knife!)
  2. Origami set
  3. Origami plastic keeper case
  4. Cosmetic Cotton 150 pcs. (My hubby has been addicted to this ever since he bought some in Japan!)
  5. Erasers (Japanese erasers are the best... just in time for school opening too!)
  6. Antibacterial flushable toilet wipes (Perfect when you have to use the public toilet and it's less than immaculate!)
  7. Kiddie ponytail holders
  8. Formal ponytail holder
  9. Hair gum accessory (I have yet to figure out how to use these!)
  10. Food container with ice pack (Now I can bring fruits and salads and keep them fresh!)
Special thanks to Yehey.com and the Saizen Management for a lovely afternoon of shopping and for entertaining all my kulit questions. I can't wait to go back to Saizen with my hubby and kids! :D

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