Globe Duo Mobile Landline

Globe Duo Mobile Landline serviceMy hubby chose to avail of Globe's DUO service some weeks ago. DUO allows you unlimited calling to and from any landline number as well as unlimited Calling to and from any DUO postpaid mobile subscriber. Before signing up for the service myself, I waited for my hubby to give it a test run.

For one to avail of the DUO service, one must be a postpaid Globe Handyphone subscriber. For an additional P399 per month on top of your Globe plan you will have a mobile landline. Any landline in Metro Manila can call your cellphone for free, this is particularly handy for family use because this means I don't have to give my kids cellphones (which I have to load monthly) just so they can contact me. What's more, DUO to DUO calls are unlimited, so now that both my hubby and I have DUO, we can call each other as much as we want or need to. With DUO, you can also call any landline accessible with the prefix (02) if you're in Metro Manila on an unlimited basis. DUO is limited to Metro Manila and Cebu for now and you have to register based on which area you belong to.

For more info, text DUO INFO to 8888 from your Globe HP. To register for the service, text DUO mm to 8888 (provided you're in Metro Manila). Upon registration, Globe will give you a new 7-digit telephone number which will serve as your DUO mobile landline number. This is the number landline callers will have to call to reach you. It's that easy!

As for us, we're just loving this new service from Globe. It's especially perfect for me since I'm on the road often on writing assignments and events.

Globe will be accepting DUO applications until July 3, 2009 only.

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