Red Ribbon's Cookies & Cream plus everything in between...

Being part of a Chinese family, it's the norm to work on Saturdays. My son is always complaining that we don't have enough family time during weekends because we always have only one day left to us, which is Sunday. We have to make everything fit on a Sunday, be it family outings, parties, and other occasions that may arise.

Yesterday was one such working Saturday. My son had a trial golf lesson from Urban Golf that afternoon, so I took a couple of hours off from the office to take him there. He did very well for a first-timer, and he actually hit all the balls during his turn on the simulator. I told him we'd have to go back to the office after his golf session, but that I had a surprise in store for him afterwards. I planned to treat him to a slice of his favorite Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream Cake. How I prayed that the branch near our house would have it in stock. I had been going back and forth for a few days now, and they were always all out of it.

A slice of Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream CakeIt must have been our lucky day because when we got to Red Ribbon, the nice lady told us that that Cookies and Cream Cake was available! My son was so happy, because he had been craving for it ever since the day I brought a whole cake home. He ate it happily and he was definitely in good spirits for the remainder of the day.

Red Ribbon's Cookies and Cream Cake brightened up not only my little boy's day, it also did wonders for mine. Seeing his happy face as he dug in the creamy frosting and soft chiffon layers made all six days of work-related stress evaporate...

A slice of Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream Cake...and that's just a slice of it!

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