Red Ribbon launches the Cookies & Cream Cake!

Red Ribbon launches its newest treat -- Cookies & Cream Cake!

For most of us, cookies and cream is a comfort food that evokes fond memories of our carefree childhood. It's no wonder cookies and cream is one of the most popular ice cream flavors among kids and adults. Red Ribbon tries to capture all these good feelings with the Cookies & Cream Cake -- three lovely layers consisting of chocolate chiffon, vanilla chiffon, and a cookies and cream layer covered in creamy icing and topped with mini Oreo cookies which Red Ribbon imports from the USA.

Red Ribbon hosted an event for several mom bloggers, myself included, and gave us a preview of their latest creation. I'm pretty certain that like cookies and cream ice cream, this cake will be a big hit. I tried it for the first time today and I loved that it's not overly sweet. It tasted just right. My children were able to finish their slices at home, and that says a lot because they usually abandon a slice of cake midway due to either too much sweetness or lack thereof. A full-sized cake retails for a very reasonable P520, while the junior version is available for P315.

Red Ribbon's Cookies and Cream Cake is unique too. Most of the other places offer cookies and cream as an Oreo Cheesecake but this is really something different.

Special thanks to Red Ribbon and Let's Go Sago for sharing this momentous occasion with us moms.

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