Restaurant feature FAIL

I was recently assigned to feature this café in Quezon City. Normally, before I actually visit an establishment for this purpose I try to get the manager's nod by informing him or her ahead of time that I'll be taking photos of the food and the place. Sometimes they refer me to marketing or some other deciding authority, sometimes not. Believe me, some establishments can get very touchy when you suddenly whip out your cam and start taking photos. They think you're a spy from the competition or something along those lines. So for me to be able to do my work in peace and efficiency, I prefer to request for permission and make my purpose clear.

To make a long story short, I was on the verge of being lectured by the café manager about how I can't just go marching in there and taking photos of the food and the place. She was very, pardon the expression, bitchy about it. I explained that I'd be a paying customer just like everyone else, the only difference being I'd take photos of what I would order and of the place. But no, she was already talking in a very loud voice explaining that she might be fired if she allowed me to do that etc etc. She then told me she would have to ask the management's permission and that I should check with her again after at least a week. It wasn't the fact that she would not allow me to do my job, it was HOW she told me. I felt she was telling me off, her voice was so loud I felt she was shouting at me. How can such a short-fused and undiplomatic person become a restaurant manager? It's really too bad, I had good intentions when I pitched this place to our editor. I wanted to give them some exposure because I thought they had something unique to offer.

Fortunately, if push comes to shove I've prepared a back-up restaurant feature if the space really needs to be filled by tomorrow morning. At least at that restaurant, everyone was more than happy to let me take my photos and dine in peace.

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kaoko said...

What a bitch. Fail definitely. I have never been told off for taking photos, especially if I'm only taking photos of my food. Even during the times when DSLR ang dala ko. Regardless of who the customer is, you're still talking to a paying customer---one who is entitled to being treated with respect and good manners since they are in the service industry.

Rowena Wendy Lei said...

Sobra ano. It wasn't like I was asking for freebies because we are given a budget for our features. She totally murdered my assignment, and she was spouting all this nonsense about me getting her in trouble with the owners.