Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience Just about any kid tuned in to the Disney Channel knows the Jonas Brothers, mine included. So when my brother and sister won 10 tickets each for Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience at SM The Block's D-Cinema from Myx (a total of 20 tickets, wow!), my kids were the first in line for them.

I honestly don't know too many Jo Bros songs. I think I knew about 2-3, but when I watched the 3D concert, I discovered I knew at least 5-6 songs hahaha... it's even better than watching them live because you get the best seats in the house and you have this clear unobstructed view of them and really good sounds.

Nothing could've prepared me for the multitude of screaming teenage girls that filled up the theater. My kids were covering their ears at one point because they were really screaming their lungs out. Every time there's a close-up of any of the Jo Bros there would be matching shrieks. I swear it was like actually being in a concert. Would my daughter react like this one day too? She's only 4 years old now so it's still hard to imagine.

It was a good movie though. I almost didn't recognize Camp Rock's Demi Lovato because of her extreme eyebrow-plucking but my little girl loved her rendition of "This is Me" all the same. Aside from the live performance there were bits and pieces of behind-the-scenes stuff. The life of a teen idol sure is tough, the Jo Bros get mobbed everywhere they go... it's crazy. I hope they'll stay as wholesome as they are now as there are so many kids who look up to them... again, mine included.

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