Battle of the Banoffee Pies!

On the left corner, costing P66 pesos is Red Ribbon Bakeshop's Banoffee Pie... on the right corner, costing P70 is Banapple Pies and Cheesecake's Banoffee Pie!

#1 Size
Although Red Ribbon's pie is cheaper by P4, in terms of size Banapple's pie wins by a wide margin... so you can't really consider it the more expensive pie since the additional P4 goes a long way. It's taller, wider, and the banana slices are about at least an inch or so thick whereas Red Ribbon's banana slices are half the size.

#2 Consistency
Red Ribbon's pie was already sort of wilted when it was served. Notice how the cream topping points downwards as if ready to merge with my plate. I don't know if it will improve with refrigeration but I took that photo right after the server placed it in front of me. When I dug in, the cream seemed right about ready to melt. Notice how tall and firm Banapple's pie looks. It was able to maintain that consistency up to the last bite.

#3 Taste
Red Ribbon's pie tasted okay, my main problem was the somewhat melty state it arrived in. I could not really distinguish the ingredients because they are combined a tad too well. Each spoonful has the sweet taste of caramel, cream, and bananas but that's about it. With Banapple's pie, I could really taste the rich caramel sauce, the buttery graham crust, and the wonderfully light yet stiff cream.

Clearly, Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes's Banoffee Pie is the winner...! Just about the only point Red Ribbon's pie has over Banapple is the price, but then Banapple more than makes up for it in terms of serving size and everything else. No wonder it's their bestseller!

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goodfor2 said...

our vote goes to banapple

red ribbon bakeshop said...

Thanks for the heads up!U will try today this banapple.