Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara Review

I'm one of those who feel that a look is not complete without mascara. I don't know. Even if my lashes are already long and thick without any product, I still feel incomplete and unpolished without mascara.

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara Review
Happy Skin Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara (P899)
So anyway, the newest mascara on my vanity table is Happy Skin Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara. I got it back during the summer months when they launched their Happy Skin Beauty in Bloom Collection.

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara Review
Finally I got to actually test drive this product.

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara Review
This mascara uses Happy Skin's Maximeyes two-fiber brush which lifts and separates lashes.

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara Review
The best test to any mascara's lifting and curling power is to use it without an eyelash curler. This is the result. Isn't it amazing? I was able to achieve this effect without an eyelash curler! You can clearly see the difference is length and curl.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Digital Walker Great 2-Day Sale at the Rockwell Tent!

If you're free this weekend you might want to drop by the Rockwell Tent because Digital Walker is having a really big sale for Boostcase, Bree, Clik, Crumpler, and Tenba.

Digital Walker Great 2 Day Sale
You can get up to 70% off on accessories! I myself use a red Crumpler 2 Million Dollar Home camera bag for my Sony NEX-5N. It's really durable. I've been using it since 2011.

Yakult Fuji Susono Plant
At the Yakult Fuji Susono Plant
I bring it everywhere I go to keep my camera safe and so far it's been great! Four years, a gazillion events, and several countries later, the red Crumpler 2 Million Dollar Home is still my camera bag. I also use a Crumpler Wren Tote as my laptop bag while my daughter uses a Crumpler Carrot as her pencil case in school.

Anyhow I hope to see you guys there this weekend! I could never resist a big sale, lol!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Serenitea Tea Confections for your home enjoyment!

I first encountered these Serenitea treats (specifically the chocolate bars, candies, and tea bags) last Christmas, given to me by Serenitea as a gift. At the time, they were simply an impressive and superbly customized Christmas gift. I posted on Instagram and a lot of people who saw them wanted to try / buy them!

Serenitea Tea Confections
Good news, they are now available for everyone's enjoyment!

Serenitea Tea Confections
Let's start with the Serenitea Chocolate Bars. These tea-infused chocolate bars are made in partnership with artisan chocolate maker Theo and Philo. There are four flavors: Matcha Marble (P150), Milk Chocolate with Assam (P135), Hokkaido Milk Chocolate (P135), and White Chocolate with Taro (P150).

Serenitea Tea Confections
Serenitea Chocolate Matcha Marble (P150)
This is probably my favorite variant. I love the deep, rich, and slightly bitter green tea taste mixed with chocolate. I had to control myself so I wouldn't eat the entire bar in one sitting lol.

Serenitea Tea Confections
Serenitea Chocolate White Chocolate with Taro (P150)
My son loves this one. If you've been drinking Taro Milk Tea, that's kind of how it tastes like except with a white chocolate base.

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