Friday, May 29, 2015

My day with a Yakult Lady in Japan!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been here in Japan since Monday for Yakult's Journalist Tour. It has all been too awesome for words. It's kinda surreal getting to know the actual origins of a brand I grew up with.

Yakult Lady Japan
Yakult Ladies Center in Tokyo, Japan
Anyhow one of the highlights of this trip was spending an entire morning with a true blue honest-to-goodness Japanese Yakult Lady. Yakult Ladies have always been the heart of this brand, tirelessly going door-to-door with their cheerful smiles bringing you good health in those trademark tiny bottles.

Yakult Lady Japan
So anyhow, our group went to visit a Yakult Ladies Center. There are a lot all over Japan. This is where Yakult Ladies report and stock up. Each of these centers have a small but bustling office inside.

Yakult Lady Japan
We exchanged gifts with the Yakult Ladies first.

Yakult Lady Japan
Then we went around the Yakult Ladies Center. We went inside the freezer room where all the Yakult dairy products are stored. It's really cold there and the Yakult Kadies each fill up their own carts with products to sell.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Visiting Yakult in Japan!

Hi everyone! I'm currently in Japan with my good friend Sophie for an exciting journalist tour with Yakult! Our hotel is actually beside the Yakult Building.

Yakult Japan
That said I'm not sure if I will be able to blog consistently, but I will try my best. We have free internet in the hotel but we'll be out most of the day everyday. The Yakult Factory is located in the Mt. Fuji area so I will finally be able to see Mt. Fuji! This is actually my fourth time in Japan but I haven't been to Mt. Fuji.

Yakult Japan
Check out the Yakult vending machine! There are so many kinds of Yakult drinks here! We just walked around Ginza today since we arrived after lunch. Tomorrow is an early day for us so I must retire for the night.

Sanrioworld Ginza
Here with the blinged out My Melody at the Sanrioworld Ginza entrance. I will be updating Instagram more this week and my username there is animetric.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The road to happiness... and youth, I guess!

I was living a relatively unexciting life before I started blogging. I'm talking about 2007 and the years before it. My life was peaceful and ordinary. I go to the office, take my kids to and from school, go out with friends once in a while, watch anime, play video games, travel for family vacations...

How Old Robot
Wrong, I'm turning 41 this year lol!
In 2008 my sister-in-law introduced me to the world of contests and promos. It was fun. We'd look for things to join in magazines, newspapers, the TV, and the internet. Not too many people were into it that time. We won a lot of prizes. I ended up writing for several magazines because the sleeping writer in me woke up.

In 2009 I started blogging, mainly because I enjoyed writing and I wanted to do it more. It was pretty directionless. I would write about whatever came to mind -- my daughter's stint at modeling for Summit Media's Disney Princess Magazine, a movie premiere I watched (not from blogging), something I bought, a place I visited... eventually it evolved as I zeroed in on the things that really interested me.

I was surprised when I first found out there was an entire community of bloggers and that there were events and happenings, I thought blogging was a hobby for most. In the years that followed I met a lot of people, stumbled upon a lot of issues, ended up working with some brands... in short, my blog took over my life. It wasn't just a hobby anymore. I even posted potentially destructive rants on a few occasions and looking back, I regret that I did. What happened then weren't really anything THAT serious. I made a big deal out of them. As I posted in my FB status, I used to be kind of rant-y but as time passed I realized that most things are really not worth ranting about. Being chill about things is the best way to go about life in general. No wrinkles, no bad vibes. As my dad used to say (a lot to me esp since I had a relatively quick temper), "Relax ka lang."

My blog was doing well. Readership climbed up, I don't know how or why because when I go through my earlier posts I find them sucky and I'm tempted to delete them off the face of the web. I admit it got to my head. There was a time I felt I was special and above things. I was critical of everything and everyone. I got mixed up with some equally judgmental and negative elitists so it got worse. If there was anyone I had rubbed off wrongly back during those days, I'm truly sorry I didn't know better and I've realized my mistakes.

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